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Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC) has been America’s trusted designer and pond liner manufacturer since 1993.

Pond liners are impenetrable geomembranes that are used for the retention of liquids and are mainly installed as the lining of reservoirs, retention basins as well as hazardous and nonhazardous surface impoundments. IEC Covers is the premier pond liner manufacturer that offers the most versatile and dependable pond liners perfect for your commercial/industrial retention ponds. Our liners are made from superior materials such as HDPE or high density polypropylene also known as reinforced polyethylene liners. This material is known as one of the best choices for flexible pond liners. They are much superior to PVC and EDM liners while weighing only one-third as much and only half as thick.

If you are looking for a dependable top tier pond liner for your retention ponds no other pond liner manufacturer can offer you the best products and solutions based on your needs and specifications. IEC Covers has been in the business of fabricating and installing pond liners since 1993. Our extensive wealth of experience in this area gives us the edge we need to provide you the best products and services. As a reputable pond liner manufacturer we know the challenges that many clients face in the field and as such we have already carved out effective solutions that can optimize efficiency, reduce cost and allow better output from your retention ponds.

There are lots of pond liners available out there that may or may not provide the best solution for you. Only IEC Covers however has the necessary experience, products and reputation to offer you what you really need for your project. We are the premier pond liner manufacturer that offers superior products with the best performance possessing excellent chemical and puncture resistance and insulating properties you will ever find.

Our technicians are experts in fabrication of all types of membranes such as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), EPDM, Polypropylene (RPP) & XR-5. Each crew is equipped with self-contained trailers of specialized welding and testing equipment to insure the project is installed right.  The field crews are also experienced in the installation of ventilation tubing, French Drains, geotextile geocomposite (GCL) and conductive liner systems & testing.

IEC provides and installs geomembrane liners for the following applications:

  • Secondary containment systems
  • Tank liners
  • Landfill liners
  • Pond/lagoon liners
  • Aquaculture ponds

At IEC, our excellence in fabrication and attention to detail are what sets us apart from other lining manufacturers.

Geomembrane Liner Systems for Secondary Containment

lEC provides a complete line of geo-membrane liner systems, designed specifically for a variety of industrial, chemical and petroleum applications.

For small liner projects, we can ship pre-fabricated liners directly to your location. For larger and more complex projects, we provide a full crew and equipment, or just an installation supervisor to work with your staff and crew, if that’s your preference.

Advanced Landfill Liner Systems

lEC works closely with engineers and contractors on the design, layout and installation of landfill caps and leachate liners. Our experienced crews have successfully installed geomembrane in some of the most challenging basins and shapes in some of the harshest conditions around the world.

Our fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment are designed to meet virtually any need. We test every weld and record the results for full accountability and quality assurance, which provide our customers with specific locations and corresponding test results.

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Pond Liner Gallery

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Industrial/Municipal Cover Systems

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) offers a wide range of industrial cover products for a variety of industrial applications, including gas collection, rainwater collection, wastewater treatment, odor control, evaporation control, and bio-solids management.


Agricultural Cover Systems

For over twenty years, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective cover solutions designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements. With ever-changing nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of covers solve the toughest problems.


Cover Applications & Systems

Our innovative modular covers provide a solution for issues like odor control, heat retention, gas collection and storage, evaporation mitigation, algae control, animal control, and more. Whether you need a cover for industrial, municipal or agricultural purposes, IEC can help!


Liner Systems

IEC has the experience to handle any geomembrane liner project. Whether you’re looking for pond land lagoon liners, tank liners, secondary storage systems, landfill liners, stud liner systems, or liners for golf course ponds, we can create the custom solution that works for you.