We Offer Custom Made Industrial Polyethylene Pond Liners and Reservoir Liners

For all your pond liner needs, no other company can provide you with the best services and products to suit the needs of your commercial/industrial retention ponds and reservoirs. IEC covers have been providing top notch containment products and services since 1993. We manufacture and install top-of-the-line industrial polyethylene pond liner systems to suit the unique needs of your ponds and reservoirs. We are experts in the fabrication of all kinds of membranes including polyethylene pond liners such as HDPE, EPDM, Polypropylene and XR-5. Our experienced crew has all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to ensure correct, quick and efficient installation.

We know that each reservoir and pond is unique. This is why you can rely on the expertise of IEC Covers to ensure that you can keep the water safely within the confines of your pond system. Our excellent quality industrial polyethylene pond liners can help keep the integrity of your ponds safely and effectively. At IEC Covers, we can fabricate the best industrial polyethylene pond liner product that is built to be incredibly tough and designed to last for generations of performance. We are talking excellent burst strength; superior puncture resistant qualities, phenomenal grab tensile strength, amazing hydrostatic resistance qualities and awesome tongue tear resistance.

Built to Hold Water

Our exceptional industrial polyethylene pond liners are built tough and strong to hold water. Water as we know is quite heavy, when it starts to move without limits, it has the potential to be one of the most destructive forces on the planet. However, this is not the only way water can destroy. A slow leak may result in erosion or rotting. IEC Covers’ industrial  polyethylene pond liners are designed to withstand the load without fail and keep the water where it rightfully belongs – in your commercial/industrial retention ponds.

Built to Keep Other Fluids Out

Depending on your location, the water table underground can fluctuate immensely. While industrial polyethylene pond and reservoir liners function to keep the fluids above intact, it also functions to keep the fluids below from seeping in and causing contamination. This is essential for livestock owners that require ponds for hydration.

Resistant to Extreme Weather

Our industrial polyethylene pond liners are flexible and pliable enough not to be affected by weather issues. This means less cost to you as your ponds can last through season after season. This is especially true in the Midwest where it is not unusual to see winter and summer weather in the same week.

Possess Excellent Rot and Mildew Resistant Properties

When you purchase IEC Covers’ industrial polyethylene reservoir liner products you are getting a product that is designed with everything in mind. Water as we know is the source of all life and as such you can expect all sorts of organisms to thrive in it. The polyethylene is engineered to ward off the effects of the unwanted stuff you do not want to grow.

Lightweight and may be Fused Together

This excellent feature makes our industrial polyethylene pond liners to be installed very efficiently and construction can be made much simpler for you. You can have the confidence that we can install the industrial polyethylene pond liner on any kind of pond regardless of size.

Features of our Industrial HDPE Pond liners

When you are looking into lining a large pond such as commercial/industrial retention ponds, we can offer you our high-density industrial polyethylene pond liners. HDPE offers amazing ultraviolet resistance properties and functions extremely well in cold weather conditions. It is quite strong and stiff and therefore not prone to sudden length-wise tears. The most desirable characteristic of high-density industrial polyethylene pond liners is its superior chemical resistance properties. This great feature, combined with a relatively affordable price tag plus the fact that multiple sheets may be joined using welding have made HDPE material one of the most popular geomembrane liners not just in the United States but most of the world. High-density industrial polyethylene reservoir liners are perfect for landfills and chemical containment sites as well as quite safe to use too for fish ponds. Regardless of where you intend to install the HDPE pond liner, their durability has been known to last upwards of 36 years. That is excellent value for money.

IEC Covers’ Industrial Polyethylene Pond Liners Offers:

  • A product that is easy to install
  • Safe for both plants and fish
  • Excellent tear and puncture resistance qualities
  • Amazing Warranty program
  • Fabricated to suit the specifications of your commercial/industrial retention ponds
  • Ongoing flexibility you can rely on, even in very cold temperatures
  • Inherent hydrocarbon and chemical resistance properties
  • One of the strongest and flexible liners available in the market
  • Tremendous anti-burst strength

If you are looking for a superior industrial polyethylene pond liner for your commercial/industrial retention pond, no other company can provide you with the services you need. At IEC Covers you can rest assured that not only will you be getting a top-notch liner you also get access to some of the best minds in the containment industry with experience spanning more than two decades. Trust us, we have seen it all. No issue is too complicated or too vague for us to handle. Let us help you find the best pond liner that can work for you. At IEC Covers, the leading reservoir and pond liner manufacturer, excellent service and product satisfaction are our commitment to you. Not only can we provide you with the highest quality industrial polyethylene pond liner but evaporation pond liners as well as, HDPE pond liners, containment liners and more! Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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