Clarifier Launder Covers That Fit Your Tank – and Your Budget

Algae growth in clarifier launders can be a major problem for all treatment plants. Algae can create TSS excursions with NDPES permits in addition to clogging V-notch weirs with algae build up.

Algae also impairs the effectiveness for disinfection systems using ultraviolet light and chlorine. Algae impairs transmissivity in UV systems. Algae also increases chlorine demand for systems using chlorine to reduce fecal counts in their effluent stream.

IEC offers an affordable solution to control algae. Our launder covers are made from a combination of industrial membrane, stainless steel, and reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials. The launder covers can be used to retrofit both rectangular and round tanks where clarifier launders are being used.

How Our Clarifier Launder Covers Work

Our launder covers can be easily installed and require little maintenance. These covers work “behind the scenes” to keep algae growth to a minimum. They do this by:

  • Conforming to the shape of the tank or clarifier, they are effective in controlling penetrating sunlight which algae relies upon. Each launder cover is designed to provide structural integrity against snow, rain, wind, and sun.
  • Extending from the outer tank wall to the effluent weir, the clarifier launder protects the effluent trough, weir, and other parts of your clarifier launder from sunlight.
  • Preventing windblown debris such as dust and leaves from entering clarifier launder channels.
  • Controlling odors in the launder trough
  • and more.

IEC’s clarifier launder covers utilize stainless steel hardware and a 20-year membrane warranty. They are specifically made for use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. They are easy for operators to use, making them an affordable and effective method for ensuring that your Total Suspended Solids (TSS) meet NPDES effluent levels and your operations proceed as smoothly as possible!

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Photo Gallery of Launder Covers

Click a photo below to see how our IEC covers work seamlessly to control algae!

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