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Heat retention covers function to retain heat in the system when the ambient temperatures fall below the liquid temperature. We know that it can be very expensive to maintain ambient temperature when it is not properly insulated. This is a necessity in processes where stored water needs to be kept above ambient temperatures. For instance, in the oil industry, fracking water is normally heated above 70°F prior to injection down the wellhead. The tanks that contain the warm waters are heated all winter long so as to maintain the required temperature and to prevent the water from freezing. By adding heat retention covers such as a floating cover, heat loss is reduced, evaporation of water is controlled and thereby reduction of heating cost is achieved.

Our Heat Retention Covers Minimize Evaporation and Heat Loss

In cold weather regions, wastewater treatment systems lose huge amounts of heat via the water surface and this has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the system. When temperatures dip during the cold winter months, it can be very challenging to maintain nitrification as cooler temperatures adversely affect the rate of growth of nitrifiers. The nitrifying bacteria are the ones that facilitate the conversion of ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. Heat retention covers help keep optimum temperatures to ensure that the effectiveness of the system is maintained.

For a wastewater treatment plant, the retained heat helps in the biological degradation of waste materials and also lessens thermal shock of effluents when they are supplemented to a lagoon. The amount of bacterial activity is in direct proportion to the temperature of water and has a direct effect on the overall efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant. Highly effective heat retention covers can limit heat loss and thereby also reduces the cost of heating in these establishments. IEC Covers offer premium-grade heat retention covers that can also act as a barrier for shielding waste and effluent lagoons from direct sunlight in order to prevent the growth of algae blooms. Moreover, they can also minimize odors through reduction of evaporation of volatile organic compounds present in lagoons and open tanks.

IEC Covers offer the Best Heat Retention Covers Available in the Market Today

Insulation Thickness

Our heat retention covers are designed to be thick enough to provide the best barrier and insulation properties for your application. Our engineers can help determine the correct thickness you need for the project. Insulation thickness in the form of foam may be welded between two sheets of geomembrane. This helps the water in the tank or pond to retain heat optimally and can also slow down the degradation of waste materials and also minimize evaporation.

Chemical Resistance

In order to safeguard the insulation itself from chemical degradation from the effects of chemicals in the ponds and tanks, the geomembrane should possess excellent chemical-resistant properties. IEC Covers heat retention covers feature superior chemical-resistant properties that make them the excellent choice for your operation. Our covers are made from superior materials such as reinforced polyethylene and reinforced polypropylene that feature good resistance from chemical degradation.

Puncture Resistant

Our heat retention covers are puncture-resistant. Puncture resistance is an important factor when selecting insulating covers for your operation. Why? The covers can be potentially punctured by job site equipment, wildlife or plain human error. Our heat retention covers can be safely walked across and puncture resistance goes hand-in-hand in this regard.

Traditional pond systems lose significant amounts of heat through the water surface, thus adversely impacting biological activity (autotrophic bacteria are affected first followed by heterotrophic bacteria population reduction).  Nitrification is directly impacted by lower water temperatures, making our covers a great choice for improving ammonia reduction.

Maintaining higher water temperatures with the aid of our insulated cover, stabilizes year-round bacterial populations, resulting in more consistent and predictable treatment performance. Facilities that rely upon anaerobic treatment have also found improvement in year-round process performance by maintaining higher water temperatures through the deployment of our covers.

IEC’s insulated covered systems have proven to be effective in heat retention applications year-round, even in areas of extreme seasonal climate variation. Independent EPA test data has illustrated the effectiveness of this simple and efficient design.

Put an End to Heat Loss with Our Custom Heat Retention Covers!

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