Our HDPE Pond Liners Are An Excellent Product for Large Applications.

IEC Covers is a premier company recognized worldwide as an authority in the design, fabrication and installation of cover and liner systems for use in a wide variety of different applications. We have been in the containment industry business for over 20 years and are recognized as an industry leader in modular and insulated cover market as well as in the fabrication of different tank, lagoon and floating covers. We are happy to introduce our HDPE pond liner products for your commercial/industrial retention ponds.

What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene or HDPE is a plastic resin that is formed from the copolymerization of ethylene and a small amount of another hydrocarbon. The resulting base density prior to the addition of pigments and other additives is greater than 0.941 g/cm. The lining of ponds is critical to the success of the pond’s overall usage. The pond liner you choose should offer excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility, resistance to leaks and crack growth, good overall hydrostatic strength as well as temperature and puncture resistance properties.

HDPE pond liner products are used widely across a number of different industries including waste water, mining, aquaculture power plants, industrial and civil engineering and many more. Our heavy duty HDPE pond liner can be used for municipal environmental protection such as garbage treatment most especially liquid garbage which has fluidity and extravasation, easy spread that makes it challenging to control and dispose. Once the area has been treated the HDPE pond liner can prevent the leakage of liquid garbage and remains concentrated only on the garbage pool. This is very convenient for further processing in the next phase. In an aquaculture farm project, water seepage is rampant in diversion ditches and a large part of water is wasted during the process of irrigation. Our HDPE pond liner may be used as a waterproofing lining system in fish and shrimp ponds. In the oil industry, the HDPE pond liner is the perfect choice for anti-seepage lining projects because of its inherent impermeability and its acid, alkali and chemical resistance properties. It can be used as an anti-seepage device in chemical sewage plants in order to avoid chemical corrosion fluids and petroleum waste liquids from leaking and spreading around. It may also be used to prevent seepage in chemical reaction tanks in order to ensure that the necessary chemical reactions occur and are completed in the tank.

Top Features of an HDPE Pond Liner

IEC Covers’ HDPE pond liner products can provide your commercial/industrial retention ponds with all of these important characteristics and more. HDPE as a material is widely known the world over as a tough and durable lining material with exemplary unique properties that sets it apart from other similar materials and offers users with a broad range of advantages. Using our proprietary methods of fabrication we can make you the best HDPE pond liner for use in your commercial/industrial ponds.

When it comes to the construction of a pond, landfill, dam or lake, one of the first things that you need to consider is selection of a waterproof impermeable liner. Known in the industry as geomembranes, the liner should be able to maintain stability under the coldest and hottest weather conditions in your areas. The pond liner should also be resistant to damage, punctures or tears not to mention possessing excellent anti-UV light properties.

HDPE Pond Liner features:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior ultraviolet light resistance
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Can be welded together
  • Durable and tough
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Long lifespan
  • Performs excellently in both hot and cold conditions
  • Safe for the Environment


At IEC Covers, we can fabricate a unique HDPE pond liner for use in different areas. The HDPE pond liner is the geomembrane liner of choice for most applications because of its unique properties such as chemical resistance, puncture resistance, flexibility and many more. It is designed for use primarily in ponds and canals. HDPE as a material is also used as a concrete ring wall lining, storage tank lining including lining for mining and aquaculture.

Reservoirs and Ponds

Our HDPE pond liner is perfect for use in liquid containment. The HDPE functions as a geomembrane in order to prevent contaminants from being able to enter groundwater sources or streams. Moreover, the HDPE pond liner can prevent seepage of water resulting in the conservation of millions of gallons of water per year in potable water applications.

Perfect Alternative

It is also a perfect alternative to or can act to supplement concrete and compacted earth in canal linings in order to prevent substantial seepage. The geomembrane offers an expedient means to repair current deteriorating concrete linings.

Secondary Containment

HDPE may also be used on ring walls made from concrete in order to provide low permeability, excellent chemical resistance and a flexible barrier against accidental chemical spills. It can be placed directly on the ground for the purpose of preventing groundwater contamination in the event of a spill. Also, the deterioration of concrete structures such as steel tanks that contain potentially harmful environmental substances makes it the best choice as well for secondary containment purposes.


One of the most critical elements in the correct functioning of a landfill containment system is the liner. The use of an HDPE geomembrane on the bottom and sides of a landfill as an integrated leachate collection system as well as a leak detection system has been known to be a necessity for many years. HDPE as a geomembrane is quite resistant to most wastes and is used as an impermeable, flexible barrier in order to prevent the mixture of landfill moisture and that of contaminate wastes to form leachate that may contain hazardous characteristics. HDPE geomembranes are used for both hazardous and nonhazardous landfills.


Methods for extracting minerals such as gold, copper and silver have resulted in low cost extraction from low grade ores. HDPE geomembrane is used as an effective impermeable flexible barrier that can prevent soil and groundwater contamination by the chemical extraction solutions including the recapture and recycling of said solutions. In tailing dams, it can act as a protective membrane between the tailings pipe and the environment.


The HDPE pond liner is designed to work on almost any kind of pond due to its inherent durability and lightweight. The major benefits of using an HDPE pond liner in aquaculture include:

  • Creation of a positive water containment
  • Helps in preventing loss of dissolved oxygen
  • Assists in sustaining water quality
  • Helps improve the working environment
  • Good erosion control properties
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Reduction of diseases
  • Better waste management
  • Convenient harvesting
  • Leads to an increased turnaround time between crops


An HDPE pond liner is a product that requires a good degree of technical skill and experience for it to be installed. It needs specialized welding equipment and certified welding techs for it to be installed properly. The most common method to secure the liners on the side slopes is through the use of an anchor trench around the perimeter. A batten strip or an embed channel system may be used to connect the liner to the necessary structures.

IEC Covers has a full-time staff of certified designers, fabricators, and installers to ensure the highest quality products and services. We possess the expertise, equipment and experience needed to successfully complete any size project. At IEC Covers our HDPE pond liner products are not just innovative but they are built to last. We offer affordable, excellent quality HDPE pond liner products that are designed to offer the best benefits for your project.

At IEC Covers, the leading pond liner manufacturer, excellent service and product satisfaction is our commitment to you. Not only can we provide you with the highest quality polyethylene pond liner but evaporation pond liners as well as, Bentonite clay pond liners, containment liners and more! Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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