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IEC is the leading designer and manufacturer of evaporation mitigation covers, which offer a wide range of lasting options. Since water is becoming increasingly scarce, controlling evaporation from our ponds will be critical. Our evaporation mitigation floating covers are an inexpensive option to prevent the loss of precious water from ponds and reservoirs. They are suited for agricultural and raw water storage applications where a low-cost cover is required. All of IEC's evaporation mitigation floating covers will prevent evaporation.

History of Evaporation Mitigation Floating Covers

The evaporation control covers system is a type of water management system that has been used for over 40 years. Originally, the majority of evaporation prevention covers were made of a solid fabric that was laid on top of the water. When these fabric covers were initially introduced, the design and materials hadn't been developed enough and often had limited success.

In many parts of the world, it is now required by law to cover water reservoirs in order to ensure that the water remains potable. While traditional solid covers have been used for this purpose for many years, they can be expensive and difficult to install. In recent years, a new type of modular floating cover has become popular.

Evaporation Mitigation Covers for Water Evaporation Control

Evaporative water loss is a growing environmental problem throughout the world. IEC evaporation mitigation covers provide an effective solution to this problem by shielding the water surface from wind and sunlight. Unlike floating balls and hexagon-shaped covers, IEC evaporation prevention floating covers do not have hundreds or thousands of seams or interstitial spaces that rotate and move. Our evaporation mitigation floating covers provide 100% insulation and shade from the sun affecting the water column. This lowers the temperature and susceptibility to evaporation.

Many processing facilities, like mining and resource processing, are being established in areas where water is scarce and the rates of evaporation in these areas are high. The annual rainfall in these resource-rich areas is considerably less than the rate of evaporation. It's important to find ways to protect the water resources. One solution is to provide evaporation control floating covers over water storage and process ponds. This will help control valuable water loss by evaporation.

IEC evaporation mitigation floating covers adjust with water elevation fluctuations and unlike floating balls and hexagons, prevents sand and wind-blown debris from entering the basin. By doing so, it ensures that the aquatic ecosystem within remains healthy and functioning properly.

Evaporation Mitigation Covers for Water Temperature Control

Ponds have been a popular water storage option for many years, thanks to their low cost and easy installation. However, one drawback of ponds has been the inability to control the water temperature. IEC's evaporation prevention floating cover solves that problem by placing a layer of designed insulation permanently on the top of an open pond.

Insulating the top of a pond with one of our evaporation control floating covers is a great way to control the water temperature, conserve energy, and extend the seasonal water treatment activity in cold climates. By adding insulation to the top of your pond, you can keep the water at a consistent temperature and extend the time that you can use your pond for water treatment.

IEC evaporation mitigation floating covers fasten floats to the lightweight geomembrane cover material. This produces an economical floating cover that is not only ideal for evaporation control but also algae control and odor control.

Evaporation Mitigation Floating Covers for Algae Control

Evaporation mitigation covers are also used in irrigation systems and water treatment ponds to prevent the growth of algae. By blocking sunlight, the cover inhibits the growth of algae and other water plants. This improves water quality and protects pumping equipment. In water treatment applications, an evaporation prevention floating cover can help control high levels of nutrients in the water that can lead to rapid algae and plant growth.

Evaporation Prevention Covers for Dilution Control

Some areas are prone to excessive rainwater which can dilute the contents of a reservoir or pond. Our custom and prefabricated Evaporation Prevention Covers can prevent your pond or reservoir from becoming diluted during a severe rainstorm. Our Evaporation Prevention Floating Covers provide a rainwater removal system to move the water off of the cover and into a drainage area. Our evaporation prevention cover is the perfect solution for dilution control.

Evaporation Mitigation Floating Cover Applications

At IEC we provide evaporation mitigation floating covers for applications ranging from potable water reservoir covers for municipal drinking water to anaerobic digestion covers for wastewater systems. In farming applications, floating covers have been successfully used to capture methane gas that is used to fuel electricity-producing generators. Here are a few applications for our evaporation mitigation covers:

  • Control evaporation in dry climates
  • Effective evaporation control for irrigation ponds in desert climates
  • Effective at preventing the growth of algae in storage and treatment reservoirs
  • Effective in preventing dilution from excessive rainfall in wet climates

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