First-Class Cover Services

At IEC, we provide full engineering service and support to all of our clients, starting with initial planning and continuing through installation and final approval. When you work with us, you’ll get:

  • Custom Engineering and Design:
    When designing your cover or liner system, our experts ensure that every detail is included, right down to the smallest opening or pipe penetration. We provide full sets of details and drawings so that you can be sure your project is designed correctly. We can also provide specifications, budget estimates and installation guidelines.
  • Quality Cover and Liner Manufacturing:
    All of our covers and liners are created in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility. Our manufacturing staff conduct multiple Q/A & Q/C checks throughout the manufacturing process. We always use first grade, virgin material in all of our covers and liners. –never off-spec material or inexpensive second hand roll goods.
  • Expert Project Management:
    Our expert technicians will get your project done on time and on budget. You can also choose to work with your own crew and simply utilize one of our supervisors – combining your expertise with ours. Learn more about our installation and field services here.

Choose the Worldwide Leader in Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Geomembrane Covers and Liners

IEC is proud to be America’s trusted cover designer and installer since 1993. Clients across multiple industries and four continents rely upon our innovative, custom cover designs, and you can too! Learn more about IEC here.

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At IEC, we are always interested in learning more about your needs and unique requirements. To learn more about our products and services or to request additional information, contact us today! (952) 829-0731

Industrial/Municipal Cover Systems

Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) offers a wide range of industrial cover products for a variety of industrial applications, including gas collection, rainwater collection, wastewater treatment, odor control, evaporation control, and bio-solids management.


Agricultural Cover Systems

Since 1993, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective cover solutions designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements. With ever-changing nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of covers solve the toughest problems.


Cover Applications & Systems

Our innovative modular covers provide a solution for issues like odor control, heat retention, gas collection and storage, evaporation mitigation, algae control, animal control, and more. Whether you need a cover for industrial, municipal or agricultural purposes, IEC can help!


Liner Systems

IEC has the experience to handle any geomembrane liner project. Whether you’re looking for pond lagoon liners, tank liners, secondary storage systems, landfill liners, stud liner system, or liners for golf course pond, we can create the custom solution that works for you.