IEC's Clarifier and Tank Covers, Affordable Solution for Every Application!

IEC’s Clarifier and Tank Covers are custom designed for your specific needs. We have designed, fabricated, and installed our cover systems worldwide.

Whether you need a clarifier cover, storage tank cover, process water cover, trickling filter cover or sludge tank cover, we can design the perfect system for your metal or concrete tanks. IEC’s experts are interested in learning about your project and creating the perfect, custom tank cover for you.

Floating Tank Covers

IEC’s covers are an affordable, long term alternative to aluminum, steel and fiberglass domes. 

IEC covers are not affected by fluctuating water levels. They install easily and quickly.

Our floating tank covers:

  • Are maintenance free
  • Most can be installed without disrupting operation.
  • Include numerous options for access and sampling.
  • Designed to accommodate piping/mechanicals inside the tank

Clarifier Covers

Our NEW Flexible Clarifier Cover can be used on clarifiers and tanks of all sizes. The cover is constructed of industrial grade. U.V. protected geomembrane with anticipated service life of 15-20 years, offered in grey or green colors. Each cover is custom designed for local wind, rain and snowfall conditions.

A stainless steel tensioning system distributs the load evenly around the tanks circumference. If large equipment needs to be installed or removed, the cover can be disassembled and removed in approximately a ½ day.  

This flexible cover is ideal for engineers and operators searching for an affordable, long-term cover solution.

IEC’s Clarifier Covers are:

  • A fraction of the weight of conventional hard dome covers.
  • Versatile, giving operators the option for windows, pipes and venting.
  • Custom-designed for you with numerous options available, including viewing windows, sampling ports, scum beach access and a multitude fo entrance access designs.
  • Anchored with industrial rated stainless steel ratchets and stainless steel hardware that is simple and efficient.
  • Extremely durable, with a projected 15+ year service life with virtually no maintenance.
  • Easily removed if large equipment needs to be installed or removed.
  • A great solution for WWTF’s using clarifiers, trickling filters or any tank that rainwater, temperature loss or odors need to be managed.
  • Offered with gas-tight and semi gas-tight options

Sludge Covers

Sludge tank covers offer effective odor containment for bio-solids tanks or any basin where hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a problem.

This cover is available in both gas-tight and semi gas-tight options.  Both designs use an impermeable flexible membrane that keeps odors contained.

IEC’s Sludge Covers are:

  • Designed to enable the operator to conduct routine O&M activities such as sludge sampling and measuring blanket depthsr.
  • Built with stainless steel hardware and a U.V. resistant membrane which results in long term performance with an excellent ROI.
  • Perfect for metal and concrete tanks, circular or rectangular.
  • Able to accommodate mixers, piping and virtually any in-basin equipment.
  • Maintenance-free, affordable, and long lasting.

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