Effectively Reduce Pond Seepage With Our Bentonite Clay Pond Liner

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to protect your pond and prevent unnecessary leakage is to use a bentonite clay pond liner. Bentonite clay is a very effective material that is used for sealing bodies of water such as ponds as well as fixing holes in dams and wells. The great thing about bentonite is it is completely non-toxic as it is a natural substance. It features no chemical additives and is completely safe to use around livestock, plants and fish. IEC Covers produces some of the best bentonite clay pond liner products available in the market today. We can customize and fabricate a bentonite clay pond liner for use in your commercial/industrial retention ponds. To learn more about bentonite and what it can do for your ponds, get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to answer all your questions about bentonite clay and the many advantages it offers.

What is Bentonite Clay?

To learn more about how a bentonite clay pond liner can benefit your ponds it is important we learn a little bit more about this exciting material. Bentonite was actually named after the American geologist who discovered the clay in Fort Benton, Wyoming in 1890. Bentonite is a clay mineral that has expansive features and low permeability. When bentonite is hydrated it begins to swell in order to form a clay layer with low permeability and has the equivalent hydraulic protection offered by several feet of compacted clay.

IEC Covers’ Bentonite Clay Pond Liner Protects the Integrity of your Ponds

Our bentonite clay pond liner is made from 100% natural bentonite and is proven to be extremely effective as a sealing agent for ponds, lagoons and almost any water-bearing structures. Bentonite has its origins going way back into the Cretaceous period. At this time, a lot of volcanic eruptions happened and deposited significant amounts of volcanic ash to nearby oceans. When these ancient oceans dried up and the landscape changed, the ash from these volcanic eruptions is what we now call bentonite clay or sodium bentonite.

As mentioned above, a bentonite clay pond liner is very unique because this substance reacts in a very unique manner when it comes into contact with water. When the bentonite clay pond liner becomes moist, it expands to create a watertight barrier or membrane. Due to this unique property, bentonite is used a lot in the construction of dams, ponds and wells. It may be used as an effective and natural sealant for fixing a leaking pond as well as for a variety of other construction related uses.

If you are interested in learning more about how a bentonite clay pond liner can do for your ponds, feel free to contact IEC Covers at any time. IEC Covers is one of the premier providers of bentonite clay pond liner products. We have over two decades of experience in the industry. We have extensive knowledge on its many uses and applications and we can help you find the best solution for your commercial/retention pond problems. Call us today so we can address all your questions about bentonite clay pond liners and also show you some of the most impressive and effective methods to take advantage of this unique substance.

Application Methods

Bentonite may be applied to ponds using a variety of different methods such as sprinkling, mixing it with the natural soil and finally blanketing.

Sprinkling Approach

The bentonite may be sprinkled into the pond near areas that are suspected of leaking for the purpose of sealing them off. This is rarely effective as there is always the high probability that the bentonite will not actually land in the area where the leak actually is.

Mixing with the Native Soil

In this method, the bentonite is mixed with the soil on-site in order to modify its quality so as to reduce leakage or seeping. In order to know the amount of bentonite needed for this approach, you will need to have your soil analyzed by a soil lab (the usual mixture is approximately 5%-10% by weight bentonite/native soil). Once analysis is done, you then would know how much bentonite you need in order to create a seal. Compared to the sprinkling approach, this method has better rates of success.


Using IEC Covers’ bentonite clay pond liner is the most cost effective and practical approach to seal your commercial retention ponds. The bentonite may be applied as a blanket that is usually 1” to 4” thick and is then covered with a layer of soil for protection. Once properly installed, the entire site is moisturized and then compacted to achieve the sealing effect.

Passive versus Active Liners

A bentonite clay pond liner is a perfect example of an active liner. The reason it is called as such is because it requires an active mechanical/chemical process that needs to take place prior to the material becoming waterproof. Bentonite on its own is simply just clay and is not yet waterproof. However, when it gets in contact with water, it then expands many times its own weight absorbing water. When it has something that it can expand against, it can create a water-tight compressive seal and it then becomes water-tight. A passive liner on the other hand does need an activation process in order to work. For instance, RPE liners are simply water-tight liners that are installed and you automatically get the desired results.

Why Use a Bentonite Pond Liner

Probably, the biggest advantage that a bentonite pond liner offers when it is installed properly, is that it has the ability to heal and expand around punctures. A good example is if you were to line a pond excavation with a bentonite pond liner. You then could drive penetrations through the clay, or use a piece of machinery to drive over the top and this can easily fix any damage after you have sprinkled in more clay. When you add water, the bentonite will expand and fix any punctures to a certain point.

The construction of ponds is not merely the act of digging a trench and then filling it up with water. If this is the approach taken, the pond will be extremely successful at not retaining any water at all. The reason? Ponds experience high water seepage rates if not maintained correctly. Water from ponds most often seeps back into the soil that makes up the sides of the pond. On top of that, the intense pressure from the volume of water that is located above a waterbed results in water seepage as well through the bottoms of the pond.

One of the best, effective and safe means of preventing water seepage of any size pond is to use a bentonite pond liner. Bentonite is a natural earthen sealant that contains zero chemical additives and poses no harm to the plants, wildlife, fish and the environment. IEC Covers bentonite pond liner is the perfect sealing solution for ponds and water retention purposes.

IEC Covers is a Minnesota-based company with many years of experience in the pond lining industry. If you are curious to learn on how a bentonite pond liner can help keep the integrity of your ponds in the best condition and prevent leakage, give us a call today. We are fully dedicated to providing you the best bentonite clay pond liner for your commercial/retention ponds.

IEC Covers’ Bentonite Clay Pond Liner Offers Advantages Such As:

Ease of Application – One of the biggest advantages of a bentonite clay pond liner is the convenience by which it may be applied. It is available as clay or in granular bentonite form. A bentonite clay pond liner also expands very quickly when it comes in contact with water and by essence, is self-sealing.

Safe for the Environment – Our bentonite clay pond liner is also a very safe environmentally conscious pond sealant choice. It poses no adverse effects to plants or wildlife. Since it is a naturally occurring material, there are no chemical additives. As a matter of fact, it has been touted also as an excellent healing and beauty regimen due to its unique absorbing features.

Cost-Effective – Using a bentonite clay pond liner offers a cost-effective solution for preventing pond leaks. Since it’s naturally occurring, there is no shortage of materials. Its unique ability to expand when it comes into contact with water means that you really do not need to use excessive amounts to seal a pond properly.

Best Long-Term Solution – Our bentonite clay pond liner can provide you the best long-term solution for preventing seepage and pond leaks. Pond maintenance can be quite expensive and using bentonite pond liner establishes the perfect impermeable barrier between the soil and the pond water for years to come.

Let IEC Covers Supply you with our high quality bentonite clay pond liner. If you are looking for an excellent, natural and environmentally-friendly way to seal your commercial/retention ponds and prevent seepage, contact us by phone or explore our website to learn more on how our product can help provide the best cost-effective solution for you. As a leading pond liner manufacturer, IEC Covers can help fabricate the highest quality evaporation pond liners as well as, HDPE pond liners, containment liners and more! Call us today for a quote!

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