Baffle Systems

As one of the leaders in the wastewater industry, IEC is at the forefront of wastewater baffle design. Our baffles prevent short circuiting and effectively direct the flow through your wastewater treatment pond, lagoon or tank, improving retention, settling time and overall wastewater treatment.  Our wastewater baffles enable an entire basin to be used effectively.

Our baffles are custom-designed to fit your specific application, using wastewater compatible materials for a wide range of municipal and industrial wastes. We offer installation supervision to insure your floating baffle is installed correctly.  IEC’s baffles offer the following benefits:

  • Improved retention time
  • Improved settling time
  • Direct water flow
  • Preventing short-circuiting
  • Better mixing
  • Increased food to mass contact, improving wastewater treatment

They are floating cover compatible for our aerobic and anaerobic cover systems.

We can provide the following types of baffles:

  • Wastewater Baffles
  • Water Baffles
  • Floating Baffles
  • Hydraulic Baffles
  • Clearwell Baffle

At IEC, our decades of experience and attention to detail are what sets us apart from other baffle system manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more!

Here is some more information on our Floating Baffles.

Floating Baffles Improve Wastewater Performance by Eliminating Short-Circuiting

IEC’S Baffles are a critical component for pond-based systems to increase hydraulic retention time (HTR). Eliminating short-circuiting is achieved by managing the flow path and circulation in wastewater treating ponds. Floating baffles can greatly reduce or eliminate dead zones and improve treatment efficiency. Baffles are also referred to as hydraulic baffles (curtains), bio separators, floating baffles, lagoon baffles and water curtains.  Regardless of the name, they are commonly used in a large range of wastewater facilities and reservoirs in addition to industrial and municipal water treatment facilities. The baffles improve water quality at the plant by increasing the effective treatment area and contact time the microbes have on the wastewater.

Floating baffles are designed to create serpentine hydraulic flow patterns. Most baffles are constructed of flexible membrane that float on the water surface. They can also be attached to walls and floors when used as a tank baffle. If properly designed and installed, pond and tank baffles can significantly contribute to the reduction of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Floating curtain baffles are constructed with heavy duty tension members at the top and typically a ballast chain attached to the bottom.

Floating baffle curtains greatly reduce short circuiting across the lagoon and ponds. Once the baffles are installed, they do not require any further maintenance. IEC also specialize in designing and installing floating baffles and floating covers so they can be installed together.

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