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IEC has been a worldwide leader in wastewater treatment for over 20 years, and we continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies to provide the most efficient and cost-effective cover solutions possible. Our approach is based on using innovative technologies as standalone solutions or integrating them into a comprehensive process that meets every challenge from influent to effluent.

Our experience and technology portfolio makes us the ideal partner for municipalities and businesses looking for an effective and environmentally responsible solution for wastewater treatment.

How Algae Mitigation Control Covers Work

Uncovered open basins can create uncontrolled algae blooms that cause TSS excursions, odor issues, and discharge violations. IEC algae mitigation control covers work by blocking off sunlight, which prevents algae from photosynthesizing and growing. Our algae control covers provide an effective way to prevent fluid loss due to evaporation and eliminate algae growth.

Algae control is an important part of keeping a pond healthy. In high densities, algae can bloom and discolor the water, out-compete other life forms, poison, or asphyxiate them. As mentioned earlier, algae growing in any aerated lagoon systems, ponds, reservoirs, or wastewater treatment plants can and often will increase both the TSS and the CBOD5 of the effluent. This can cause BOD and TSS levels to rise over the effluent permits and result in unwanted fines. Excess algae can also create nuisance surface scum, poor water clarity, and noxious odors. Taking steps to control algae with our algae prevention reservoir covers is essential for keeping your pond or reservoir healthy and looking great.

Additionally, our algae control pond covers can reduce chemical demand and improve water quality by preventing contamination from bird droppings, airborne particulates, dead animals pollen, and other potential pollutants.

Benefits of Installing Algae Mitigation Pond Covers

  • Reduce the loss of liquid via evaporation by up to 95%.
  • Reduce chemical consumption.
  • Reduce heating costs by up to 75%.
  • Reduce odor emission.
  • Deter waterfowl and birds from pond basins.
  • Improve the working environment.
  • Reduce sunlight exposure and penetration, preventing the growth of algae.
  • Reduce ice from forming

Industries Using Algae Prevention Pond Covers:

Algae prevention pond covers, algae prevention lagoon covers, and algae prevention reservoir covers are used in a variety of industries including:

  • Drinking-Water
  • Wastewater
  • Industrial Water Storage
  • Agricultural
  • Oil & Gas
  • Many More

Algae Prevention Tank Covers

IEC's algae prevention tank covers are custom manufactured to fit the exact specifications of new or existing potable water or wastewater treatment tanks. Each of our algae control tank covers is not only designed for algae control but also for odor containment and thermal retention. Our custom-designed and built algae mitigation tank covers are made of a very durable material providing a low-cost solution for water and wastewater treatment systems. While algae can be controlled with chemicals, preventing growth from taking place with our algae mitigation tank covers saves on chemical costs and manpower needed to clean the tanks.

The IEC Commitment

As a worldwide leading manufacturer of algae control pond covers, algae control lagoon covers, algae control tank covers, and algae prevention reservoir covers, IEC is committed to providing the most innovative and effective algae mitigation lagoon covers, algae mitigation reservoir covers, and algae control pond covers available on the market today. Our covers are designed using the latest technologies to ensure reliable protection for your lagoons, tanks, ponds, and reservoirs. Our products are economical and easy to install, making them the perfect solution for your needs.

We are proud to provide algae mitigation covers that are proven to effectively control algae. Say goodbye to algae growth!

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Photo Gallery of Algae Control Covers

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