We Offer Affordable and Custom Agriculture Cover Systems To Meet Your Needs

For over twenty years, IEC has been providing farmers with affordable and effective agriculture cover systems and manure storage applications designed to meet their needs and environmental regulation requirements

With ever-changing NRCS waste and nutrient management regulations, IEC’s wide range of cover solution solves the toughest problems, including:

When it comes to agriculture cover systems no other company in the world can provide you with the best solutions for all your agricultural applications. IEC Covers has over two decades worth of experience providing farmers with cost effective agriculture cover systems for effective cover and manure storage applications that are up to standard with all existing environmental and regulation guidelines.
IEC Covers provides a wide range of cover solutions to solve the most challenging problems in the agricultural industry such as:

Gas Collection

IEC Covers offer custom made agriculture cover systems for all kinds of tanks and lagoons. Our agriculture covers are excellent for collecting methane gas from wastewater treatment. The agricultural cover features excellent gastight properties that work to contain odor and safeguard biogas from contamination. We offer both insulated and non-insulated versions. The collected biogas is used in waste-to-energy projects as a form of renewable fuel that can generate heat and electricity that can translate to a lot of cost savings for the farmers. Our agriculture cover systems are also quite safe to walk over and allow operators to safely take samples of the contents of the tank or lagoon as well as perform routine maintenance procedures.

Applications Include:

  • The collection of biogas that can be converted to renewable green energy
  • Elimination or control of odors
  • Offer thermal insulation
  • Affordable operational expenses
  • Provides access for sampling and maintenance

Our Agriculture Cover Systems for Gas Collection

  • Designed to resist tough field conditions and can operate optimally in any climate
  • Fabricated using only the best materials that are resistant to punctures and tears, chemicals and harmful ultraviolet light
  • Feature built-in systems that allow the drainage of rainwater and snowmelt
  • Provide you with insulated variants that can add more buoyancy and better performance
  • Allow for temperature consistency to facilitate proper anaerobic digestion
  • Allow for installation and performance maintenance procedures of the agriculture cover systems without disruption to your plant operation
  • Feature hatches and ports which allow convenient access to mixers as well as other forms of equipment
  • Can be customized with advanced controls which can be integrated for biogas storage in order to optimize boilers and engines

IEC Covers’ agriculture cover systems may also be used to capture and control the accumulation of rainwater. There is no doubt that rainwater collection is such a huge expense most especially in the lower Midwest and southwest where rainwater collection becomes a major expense. Our agriculture cover allows the rainwater to be pumped off-site or collected in a lagoon or separate pond.

Odor Control

Our agriculture cover systems may be used to control odor, algae, water temperature and wastewater treatment plants. Our modular cover provides coverage of the water surface, thus drastically reducing the effects of wind and sunlight. Gases are contained beneath the cover which limits and controls the emission of foul odors into the environment. The cover is also designed in such a way that lets workers and crew to safely walk across them.

IEC Covers’ Modular Covers Features:

  • Odor control and possibly even odor elimination
  • Thermal insulation
  • Blocks sunlight to limit the growth of algae in the pond or lagoon

Our Agriculture Cover Features the Following Advantages:

  • Allows water level fluctuations
  • Modular design that lets panels to be taken out for cleaning, draining and routine maintenance
  • Technicians may safely walk across the modular cover
  • Built using durable polyethylene materials that provides excellent resistance from cracks, breaks, chemicals and harmful ultraviolet light
  • Automatically drains snowmelt and rainwater
  • Compatible for both aerated and non-aerated setups

Our agriculture cover is perfect for controlling odors and mitigating the release of gas from outdoor manure storages and lagoons. They establish a barrier between the manure, wastewater and the airflow. The composition of manure together with the pH influence how much gas and odorous compounds are at the surface. Our agriculture cover reduces the effect of wind blowing on the surface of the manure lagoon as higher wind increases the rate of gas molecules from the surface, thereby increasing potential. Our agriculture cover also minimizes wave action or rippling at the surface. Waves and ripples can lower resistance of naturally occurring films or covers on the manure.

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Make Your Manure Management System Work for You

Whether you own a small farm or a large dairy business, our manure management systems can help turn waste into wages:

  • Generate electricity:
    In addition to controlling odors, our gas collection systems generate electricity from the bio gas, which can be used on the farm or sold back to the electrical grid.
  • Capture rainwater:
  • Our gas collection covers and odor control covers can also be used to eliminate and capture rainwater. Rainwater collection is a huge expense, particular in the southeast and lower Midwest where rainwater becomes a major operational expense.   The rainwater can be pumped off-site or collected in a separate pond or lagoon.

Manure Lagoon Liners

IEC also installs liners in manure lagoons and manure pits for both the dairy and pork industry.  IEC's liners are typically installed in less than two weeks.  Our lagoon and pond liners are fabricated from the highest quality resins available. Our gas collection covers, odor control covers and manure lagoon liners have been proven effective for the dairy and hog farmer for over 20 years.

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