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By Dave Anderson

Wastewater Lagoon Cover Stops Odor Complaints

Problem: United Liquid Waste Recycling (ULWR) successfully recycles food and beverage waste into valuable by-products such as fertilizer. Odors from their anaerobic treatment process needed to be stopped to enable ULWR in Watertown Wisconsin to expand. Their two lagoon anaerobic digesters needed an affordable system to control odors. ULWR injects their valuable fertilizer into farm fields twice per year, so the system needed to function whether the ponds were full or empty.

Solution: The owners of ULWR selected Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC) to cover their two 3.5 million gallon ponds. The 57,600 square foot membrane covers collect the bio-gas and channel it to a draw-off location where ULWR can effectively control it. The covers are functional at any water depth, giving ULWR operational flexibility.

Result: United Liquid Waste Recycling continues to grow & expand into Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin, making them one of the premier recyclers in the upper Midwest. They also process vegetable oil and other organic products. The cover system has been operating for 3 continuous years without problem. (952) 829-0731