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Press Release

By Dave Anderson

Water Environment Federation announces Minnesota Based Company is the winner of their Innovative Technology of the Year Award.

Lakeville, MN – August 4, 2014

Industrial and Environmental Concepts. Inc. (IEC) from Lakeville Minnesota has won the Water Environment Federation’s Innovative Technology Award of the Year for a new water sampling, analysis and mapping instrument called WAVE (acronym for Water Analysis via Exploration). Researchers, government officials and private industry can now pull and analyze samples for multiple pollutants and their indicators at boat speeds up to 40 mph, sophisticated software provides real time data display which enables scientists and industry to sample, analyze and map 500 square miles per day. “This ability is crucial when large bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and oceans need to be tested, especially when there is limited time and money” said Dave Anderson, technical sales mgr. for Industrial and Environmental Concepts. “WAVE exponentially increases productivity and efficiency with this feature”.

WAVE was designed to accurately detect, measure and map pollutants and their indicators in real time, giving researchers, government and private industry the ability to map concentrations and potentially locate the source of the pollutant(s). The instrument has the capability to measure both short and long-chain hydrocarbons, giving the oil industry the ability to monitor vast bodies of water, track oil movement and map concentration gradients. In addition, it can potentially be used to locate under water leaking pipes or joints.

Freshwater discovery is a feature WAVE can offer to countries in arid regions with saltwater coastlines. The technology has already discovered over 20 freshwater plumes hidden by ocean water off the coast of Mexico and Florida.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) was an asset IEC relied upon when considering the possibility of introducing the product globally. Minnesota may soon prove to be instrumental in improving worldwide human health conditions, agriculture, research, government monitoring and transforming corporate health-safety-environment programs with this product.